We use the Balance Method to treat most sports injuries and joint pain.

It’s a very targeted way of healing specific joints, and usually works at least twice as fast as regular acupuncture.

For me it started when my friend Alejandro went to California for a seminar.  He came back and asked me about a knee problem I had.  “Which knee hurts?”

I told him. He grabbed the opposite elbow and squeezed. I almost hit him. “OW! Why did you do that?”

After he calmed me down, he explained. He’d been to Dr. Tan’s seminar. He learned something called mirroring, where the “mirror” is a mapping between one limb and another limb.

  • The elbow is a mirror of the knee.
  • Toes are much like fingers.
  • Ankles and wrists have a lot of bones and bend much the same.
  • And yes, the shoulder is related to the hip  (I was glad to find out shoulder pain doesn’t require a needle there though!)

So, if there’s a problem in one joint, there’s usually a sore spot on the “opposite” joint on the other half of the body. It feels like a slight bruise, unless your acupuncturist is new at this and gets squeeze-happy!

And it turns out that’s the powerful point where the needle goes.

In my case, my knee pain was showing up as an “ashi” (I call them achy) point in my elbow. One treatment, it was almost gone. But Alejandro was busy so I didn’t get more treatments. The pain came back, just not as bad.  Finally 2 more treatments and the knee pain was gone for good.

Before I opened this clinic, I was being treated for shoulder pain.  Subacromial bursitis, they call it. Went in for acupuncture 3 times, and had no results. Finally I asked the acupuncturist, “Don’t you know Dr. Tan’s methods?”

It turned out yes, he did.  He just wasn’t doing them on me. I don’t know WHY I had to make the request. It was obvious Dr. Tan’s methods were what I need.

He found an achy point in my ankle right away. I always find this to be kinda surprising. How could they know it’s sore right there, when I don’t notice myself until it’s pressed?  He needled it. The pain went away by half in just one treatment.

It’s not surprising that Dr. Tan is a legend within the acupuncture community.  He has seminars all over the U.S. , Canada and Europe and they’re always, always packed. Full. Not one empty seat.

So yes, I’m an acupuncture snob.  For pain, especially the kind of problems seen in sports medicine, Dr. Tan’s methods are the best.

It causes two small problems though.

First, it’s common to feel better so fast that you’re not quite healed up.  This past week one patient felt so good that she went and lifted weights.  Another patient decided to pick up more work were she was standing all day. Both patients weren’t quite ready for this, and made things worse!  You may feel better but complete healing doesn’t happen overnight!

The other problem with Dr Tan’s treatments is our clinic’s problem. You see, heal about twice as fast as “regular” acupuncture. That cuts patient visits in half … and cuts our business in half.

Unless… you refer your friends and family to us. We help you, you help us, and we’ll help your friends. Same deal with your friends, we’ll help their friends too. And so on. The world ends up being a slightly better place.

Isn’t that how it should be?

So what are you waiting for? Stop by so we can find your achy points and make things better.