We specialize in Sports Medicine, Pain, and Stress.

Our dirty little secret, the fun part, is WHY we specialize in those conditions.

We’re cheating… Kind of.

We chose the slam dunks. Conditions easy to treat. Like taking candy from a baby. (We’re nice people though, the kind that would GIVE candy to babies.  Just sayin’.)

Acupuncture can treat many, many health issues. Practically any condition that will spontaneously heal by itself, acupuncture (and sometimes herbs) can fix, simply because your body’s healing response takes over.

But some health conditions are easier to fix than others.  Here’s why:


One of the first things an acupuncturist learns is a few points that are incredible for pain – with a warning. These points are absolutely forbidden for pregnant women, unless you want the baby early. It’s believed that these powerful points induce labor by releasing a powerful hormone called oxytocin. Oxytocin controls childbirth. It helps deal with pain and also causes bonding between the mother and her baby.

Ever notice how after mom can go through all that pain, and afterwards all she can feel is love and joy for her baby? Oxytocin is why.

Of course, there’s many other pain points too. The forbidden ones are just the most fun to talk about. Want to know more about how to get rid of pain?


Modern medicine didn’t know about the mind-body connection until the 1960’s. Acupuncturists have known about this for thousands of years. Stress can make you sick. It can trigger cancer and autoimmune diseases. Ulcers. Back pain. Headaches.

The technical term for it is psychosomatic illness.  You literally get sick of (or from) things that cause stress.

The funny thing is even fake acupuncture will treat stress and cause a natural high. Runners get this high all the time – it’s called an endorphin rush.

Maybe you’ve heard of the flight or fight response caused by the sympathetic nervous system. We do the opposite by activating the para-sympathetic nervous system, while calming the sympathetic nervous system.

Want to get rid of your conditions caused by stress, experience natural highs and relax?

Sports Medicine

When I told an acupuncturist in Minnesota we were going to specialize in sports medicine and why, he said “Cool, I would promote ‘immediate pain relief’ then you can do the Jedi Tan method.” Dr. Tan is a rock-star acupuncture teacher and researcher with a cult following. Sports injuries bow before his methods.  He developed his balance method, along with something called “mirroring” to be really powerful and get good results.

We usually can find an “achy” point (a slightly sore spot), which is a very strong indicator we’ll see results. We can show you within seconds what points are. It’s fascinating how they work and target pain precisely.  You have to see this.

Are you interested in the “Jedi” method to help you get back in the game?

Other conditions:

Here’s the thing. Your body is a self-healing, self-regulating machine. It naturally fixes itself, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without you having to think about it. The only time most of us think about health is when these automatic healing/balancing mechanisms aren’t balancing or healing. Acupuncture works with your body’s built-in self-fixing abilities to make you better.

See our more complete list of conditions treated.