Migraines? Here’s an instant cure that doesn’t involve acupuncture!

MigraineCausing “Brain Freeze” by drinking/eating something extremely cold has been shown to relieve migraines. Things that can induce brain freeze:

  • Slurpees/Icees or some other frozen drink. (A margarita will also work).
  • Ice water.
  • A Frappuccino.
  • Ice cream.

The key is to get the cold to the rear upper palate (top back of your mouth) before the rest of your mouth has a chance to warm it up, according to experimental results in the FASEB Journal.

Acupuncture can also relieve migraines quickly. I had the worst headache a year and a half ago, and left work early. I stopped by the clinic on my way home just to get some pain relief. Sure, acupuncture can help with a headache, but there was no way it would get rid of THIS one. I only expected it to help a little bit.

15 minutes later it was gone. I felt drained – it was that painful – but was otherwise fine.

If you have recurring migraines, acupuncture and herbs can help prevent them in the first place. The top migraine charity in the UK recently announced acupuncture is the best treatment for migraines. Stop in!