Traditional Chinese herbal formulas are as effective as drugs – without the side effects. Herbs are almost always given in formulas instead of as individual herbs. There are two reasons for this:

  1. There are synergetic effects of combining herbs – the whole is more powerful than the parts.
  2. Herbs can have side effects, just like drugs do. But formulas have extra ingredients that work to counteract any possible side effects.  And by using multiple ingredients, the side effects of any single herb is minimized.

The result is that even though individual herbs are far weaker than modern pharmaceuticals, the formulas are often more effective.

Instead of trying to make a profit on herbs, we prefer to keep prices as low as possible.  This makes it easier to afford the formulas you need.

All money goes towards maintaining the pharmacy.  We’re trying to keep things stocked so we can provide herbs without requiring us to order herbs and wait for delivery. It costs us a few thousand dollars to have these herbs on hand for you and the rest of our community, so any contribution to keeping our pharmacy stocked is a big help.

Thank you!