Let’s face it. To most people, the concept of acupuncture is weird.

What’s not so weird is results. It’s not so weird when your friend, dad, sister, mom, coworker or teammate has had acupuncture, and it works for them. It’s also not weird when your doctor has seen the results in our patients, and been impressed. So they refer.

For ANY acupuncture clinic, the main source of new patients is referrals.

So… this clinic runs on referrals. Our low cost per visit makes it easy to refer. It also helps keep our fees low because we don’t have to spend as much on marketing.

When you refer:

  • Your friend/family member will be happy because they’ll feel better.
  • We’ll be happy because we helped them.
  • You’ll be happy because you helped your friend and us.

Everybody wins. How often does that happen?

So please don’t keep us a secret. Tell your friends and family about us. Thanks!