Michael Jamlang, L.Ac.

Michael Jamlang (Mike) was educated in assorted schools in the midwest. He spent some time teaching English in Japan after receiving his BA in Japanese Anthropology. He tried a variety of careers (tea sommelier, anyone?) until becoming a massage therapist.

After practicing massage for 6 years, he thought he could help people more with acupuncture. He graduated from Midwest College of Oriental Medicine, and still teaches classes there, especially Tuina (Chinese bodywork).

Mike was Burton’s acupuncturist, before Burton started People’s Community Acupuncture. We kept in touch, and a few months after we started People’s, he offered to work for us. Of course we jumped at the chance. The second day he worked here, he set a new record of 7 people treated at once. Go Mike!

Mike has fun treating people, while staying professional and effective. We’re still not sure how he does it. But we like it. So do our patients.

Mike moved here from the Philippines when he was 10. He speaks 4 languages – Chinese, Tagalong (Filipino), Spanish and English.