Kinga Van Brunt, L.Ac.Kinga Van Brunt, L Ac. earned Magna Cum Laude in Acupuncture from Midwest College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago, Illinois.

She started her clinical practice at East Wind Acupuncture in Chesterton, Indiana, where she refined her needling skills. East Wind is a high volume practice, and kept her so busy she would have to literally run between treatment rooms! This amount of volume allowed Kinga to gain more experience in just a few years than most acupuncturists gain in over 10 years of practice.

We found Kinga through a seminar by a famous Taiwanese acupuncturist, Dr. Richard Tan. Kinga uses Dr. Tan’s “Balance Method” extensively in our clinic, along with the teachings of other acupuncturists such as Jimmy Wei-Yen Chang L Ac. and Robert Doane L Ac. She also uses a combination of other modalities: nutrition, moxabustion, cupping, guasha, magnets, electro therapy, and Chinese herbs in conjunction with acupuncture.

Yes, Kinga is an acupuncture nerd. And proud of it.

Most common comment from patients? “Kinga is amazing.” Yep she is. She won’t brag, so we’re doing it for her here.

Kinga is Hungarian, born in Romania, and has lived in the United States since 2001. She is happily married to a Canadian native with whom she loves to travel and enjoy the beauty of our planet.