Hannah Meinken

Hannah MeinkenHannah is more than our receptionist. She’s our clinic’s momma. While the acupuncturists take care of you, Hannah takes care of everything else, including the acupuncturists.

Hannah grew up in Northern California and moved to Chicago in 2010 after graduating from UC Santa Barbara with a degree in Communications. A big fan of traveling, she spent time living abroad in the UK and has been to over 20 different countries.

When asked why she gave up the beautiful California weather to move to the Midwest, Hannah’s answer is that she loves a challenge. Nothing could illustrate this more clearly than the two years she spent working as a Resident Assistant in the residence halls of UC Santa Barbara – after being the ‘momma’ to 50+ first-year students living away from home for the first time, being the clinic’s ‘momma’ is like taking a relaxing vacation.