Burton Kent is the founder of People’s Community Acupuncture.

Burton decided to start People’s Community Acupuncture after missing a favorite aunt by 15 minutes. When he arrived at his parent’s house, she was gone. (Gone home, not “gone” gone.) When he asked why, he found out aunt Mary had a titanium rod implanted in her neck after an auto accident. She developed a titanium allergy, which causes the symptoms of M.S. (multiple sclerosis) and pain. The rod was removed, but the symptoms persist. She’s on Vicodin (a powerful painkiller) every 3 hours.

Since acupuncture rocks for pain, Burton called around in Peoria, Illinois to find an affordable acupuncturist. The only real (non-chiropractor) acupuncturist charges $90 – $130 per visit “depending on the number of needles used.”


Acupuncture needles cost about 50 cents per patient. The number of needles don’t determine the effectiveness of treatment – more is not better, just more. Very few people can afford $90 a treatment.

So Burton decided to start People’s Community Acupuncture to help people who are in pain like his aunt Mary. Or who can’t afford medical insurance. Or even medical care. Or who wouldn’t try acupuncture because it’s too expensive.

One of his best friends is an acupuncturist, so he knew Dr. Tan’s methods are incredible for pain. When Dr. Tan hosted a seminar in Chicago, Burton went there and looked for acupuncturists. He found Kinga at the seminar, and People’s started from there.

And that ridiculously expensive acupuncturist in Peoria? He doesn’t know Dr. Tan’s methods. Our $25 – $40 treatments will run circles around what he charges $90 – $130 for.

So there.