People’s Community Acupuncture was started when Burton Kent (founder) found Kinga Van Brunt (acupuncturist) at a Dr. Tan seminar. Dr. Tan is a famous Taiwanese acupuncturist who developed an amazing system for pain. It’s covered in our sports medicine page, but also works for almost all kinds of pain.

We looked for 5 months until we found our space at 440 W. Diversey Parkway, Chicago IL 60614. It had been sitting empty for 2 years. Before that, it was a Bank of America ATM location, and even before that, it was a video store. You can still see the slats from the video display wall on the east/right side of the clinic.

That was only the beginning. It was all concrete floors, dust, and drywall (with many holes). All the light fixtures were glaring fluorescent. We renovated it literally from top to bottom. The walls and ceilings were all painted (our bathroom was painted over Christmas 2012). We painted all walls and the ceiling, installing new light fixtures, floors, sinks, a toilet and more. We even discovered wood floor in the front room that was covered by layers of linoleum, tar, and tile.

The end result was pretty cozy, and we opened May 5, 2012. Our first patient stopped in on her way to Trader Joe’s. On her way back, she walked in with a full blown asthma attack. Kinga stopped the attack with two needles. The patient was in town while her daughter was in her last month of pregnancy, and she brought her daughter in too.

Soon after, Mike Jamlang (our second acupuncturist) joined us. We’ve helped people get pregnant, overcome pain, sleep better, get rid of pain pills (and other drugs), have “normal” periods, induce labor, stop smoking, start exercising, breathe easier, overcome anxiety, and generally be more active, have more fun, feel better and enjoy life.