IMG_3077People’s is a Community Acupuncture Clinic. Our purpose is to give the best quality treatment possible at the lowest prices possible, so anyone can afford to get better and feel great again.

Community acupuncture means that we treat in a group setting, just like they do in China. You roll up your shirt and pants sleeves, and that’s all that’s needed to allow for most treatments. Some treatments require local points such as on the back, or cupping is needed. We have two private massage tables for those cases.

Because we’re able to treat multiple people at a time, our prices are far lower, just $25 – 40 a visit. Also:

  • We don’t charge a consultation fee, not even small the initial “paperwork fee” charged by other community clinics.
  • There is no extra charge for extra services if they’re needed, such as herbal consults, cupping, or moxibustion.
  • Even our herbs only have a $6 markup to cover costs instead of the normal 100% markup almost all clinics charge.

You may think that a lower price means a lower quality treatment. Not here. There’s three main reasons for this:

  • Experience: Community acupuncturists see at least 4x as many patients as regular acupuncturists. This means our acupuncturists get the same experience in a year that most acupuncturists get in 3 to 7 years!
  • Diagnosis: Even though our acupuncturists spend less time on diagnosis than most, they are very skilled at quickly determining the root cause.  Part of this is because of experience, and part is the way we treat. Fertility conditions do tend to require more time because they’re complex, but most conditions can be diagnosed quickly.
  • Effective Treatment Systems: We use an advanced acupuncture system called “the Balance Method”, which often works twice as fast (or better) on many conditions than as “regular” Traditional Chinese Medicine.

A major reason for our results is the world renowned “Balance Method” developed by a Taiwanese acupuncturist, Dr. Richard Tan. While almost all acupuncturists in the US have heard of Dr. Tan and his method, less than 4 in 5 have trained in it. Fewer still have actually practiced enough to use it efficiently. The Balance Method focuses on the most highly effective acupuncture points, and organizes them into treatments where the points all support each other in achieving results.

So you’re getting great treatments for a low price, with results that are seen more quickly than most acupuncture clinics. Anytime you pay for something, there normally there is a tradeoff between price, quality, and (sometimes) speed.

Not here. No tradeoffs. You get it all.

All we ask is when you’re happy with the results you’re getting, please tell your friends and family. After all, if we charge little and make you well as fast as we can, you don’t pay us much. We have to make up for it by helping as many people as we can! We need your help to reach them.

Thanks, and see you soon. Book an appointment here.


Common Questions

Why do you charge $25-40? How much do I really have to pay?

We want you to be able to afford to get the treatment you need. At the same time, we have to afford to keep our doors open. So it’s up to you to choose a price that works for you, but still be fair to us. If money is tight and paying is a stretch, pay on the low side. We want you to be able to afford to come in. If you’re doing well and money isn’t much of an issue, consider paying more.

Either way, thanks for your support!

Does it hurt?

Some people feel nothing. It usually feels like a small pinch. A mosquito bite at worst. The sensation goes away in seconds.

When most people think of needles, they’re thinking of hypodermic needles. Even small hypodermic needles are HUGE compared to acupuncture needles. They are hollow inside, and if you look closely, they have a wedge tip. Acupuncture needles are actually pins that are so small that many can fit within a hypodermic needle.

We often hear “is it in yet?” Any discomfort you may feel will last for a second. Most people fall asleep with the needles in.

I can take a pill for that. So why would I want acupuncture?

Pills are not cures. You’ve already seen the proof, even if you didn’t recognize it. It’s simple – if you stop taking a pill, it stops working. That’s no cure. Also, it’s unprofitable for a drug manufacturer to invent a cure. Once you’re cured, you have no need for their medication anymore, so they can’t recoup the billions of dollars it costs to bring a pill onto the market.

Furthermore all drugs have side effects, and the side effects are more likely to arise the longer you are taking the drug. Eli Lilly, founder of the Eli Lilly Pharmaceutical company once said “A drug without a side effect is not a drug at all.”

Acupuncture usually provides a more lasting treatment by helping your body heal and regulate itself, as it’s designed to do.

Can acupuncture treat xxx?

Most conditions respond to acupuncture. However there’s some key things to understand in determining how well it might work.

If your condition has cases of spontaneous healing, then it’s likely that acupuncture can boost your body’s natural self healing and self regulating abilities to make it happen. If the problem is structural such as a slipped disk or congenital problem, acupuncture can help with the irritation and pain and reduce its frequency, but will not correct the problem.

Isn’t acupuncture a placebo effect?


There’s no such thing as placebo in horses, dogs and other animals. Animals can’t have expectations of treatment results, so they’re incapable of experiencing the placebo effect. Acupuncture is especially common in dogs with genetic problems such as hip dysplasia in German Shepherds, or seizures in Great Danes.

I read this study that says acupuncture doesn't work.

The usual wording is of these kinds of studies is “Acupuncture for XXX doesn’t produce statistically significant results as opposed to “sham” acupuncture”.

There’s a simple way to tell if that study is relevant or not. Read the abstract, or study to find out if the study used trained acupuncturists that actually performed a diagnosis or not. Even if they’re using scientific jargon, it should be obvious within the first few paragraphs of the experimental methods section if they are doing a proper diagnosis or not.

If an acupuncturist actually tailored the treatment to the patient, then the study is probably valid. (These studies almost always show good results.) If the study does not incorporate tailored treatments, it has nothing to do with how we treat in the clinic. The study’s treatment was probably focused on the symptoms instead of the root cause, or even worse, was a made up treatment that no self-respecting acupuncturist would give.

Consider that doctors have recently realized that the syndrome known as “Multiple Chemical Sensitivities” is actually 6 different syndromes with almost identical symptoms. Treating all MCS patients the same means that the doctor has a 1 in 6 chance of providing the right treatment.

Don’t you need me to take my clothes off? So you can put the needle where it hurts or by the condition you’re treating?

Not at all. A group of the most powerful points in acupuncture are called the “Four Gates”. They’re located at the muscle between your thumb and forefinger, and between your big toe and second toe. These points cause release of oxytocin, which is the “love hormone” that causes an extreme endorphin rush. These points are forbidden in pregnant women because oxytocin is actually the major hormone for inducing labor.

In some cases we do need to place needles in local points, which means we’ll have you lay on a private massage table. But most treatments get best results using “distal” points located away from the actual complaint.

By the way, if you’re in pain (such as a headache), squeezing the muscle between the thumb and forefinger is a good acupressure method for combating pain.