Why People’s?

People’s Community Acupuncture was founded to help make acupuncture affordable for people in pain. When Burton (one of our founders) missed his favorite aunt because of her chronic pain, he looked into acupuncture in her area. The $120 Aunt Mary would have to pay for just one visit is unrealistic.


That’s why People’s Community Acupuncture was founded.

Advanced Acupuncture System

We use the “Balance Method” developed by a renowned Taiwanese Acupuncturist. Depending on the condition, the Balance Method treats conditions twice as fast as other acupuncture systems.

It also uses distal points in the arms and legs, so most patients can be treated fully clothed.

Community Acupuncture

Our prices are low and our patients are happy because we practice acupuncture as they do in China – in a community room. Acupuncture experienced in a room full of napping people extremely relaxing.

There’s no need to remove clothes for most conditions.  You usually only need to roll up your shirt sleeves and pants legs for treatment. We do have private, curtained tables for the few conditions that require disrobing.

  • I went to People's Community Acupuncture as I was experiencing headaches.  The staff here set up a plan specifically catered to my situation and helped me reach to where I am today, completely headache free! - Robert P. on Yelp.com
  • I have been suffering from Fibromyalgia since 2004, when I was diagnosed; but my main pain—since I was 7 years old—was a terrible pain in my legs. I don't know what it was. When I was walking fast, I felt like my legs were going to explode...read more

What We Treat

Your body naturally self-regulates (homeostatis) and self-heals. When these regulating/healing mechanisms aren’t able to do their job, that’s when you get sick.

Acupuncture (and herbs) work with your body so it can start to naturally heal and regulate itself again, with minimal or no side effects. In comparison, drugs work by suppressing symptoms without dealing with the underlying problem.

Read more about the conditions we treat

Patient Fees

Our fees are just $25 to $40 a visit. You decide what to pay. There’s no extra charge for herbal consultations. This allows you to come as often as you need to get better.

The combination of our advanced acupuncture system and the shared treatment room means we can provide affordable but highly effective acupuncture.