We’re a community acupuncture clinic specializing in treating pain at a low cost. Our rate is just $25-40 per visit – you pay what lets acupuncture fit YOUR budget. Treatments are given in a living-room style treatment room, like they do in China – but more comfortable. We also provide patent herbal formulas for a very low cost if it will help you.

You keep your clothes on, but roll up your shirt and pant sleeves, or if necessary there’s two private tables in back if we need to give you a treatment requiring access to a different area of your body.

The acupuncture system we use is incredibly effective – it’s called the Balance Method. It usually works twice as fast as other systems out there, and it uses “distal” points instead of local (where the pain is) points.

So… cheap… twice as fast… effective. Make an appointment and start feeling better today!

We're a Community Acupuncture Clinic

We’re a community acupuncture clinic. This means we treat people in a group room, like they do in China. Keep your clothes on, just roll up your sleeves and pants.

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Low Cost

We charge just $25-40. Pay what makes acupuncture work for you, so you can afford to get the treatment you need. We trust you to be fair to yourself and us.

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Natural Healing - Without Drugs

You’re meant to be healthy – your body is designed to naturally heal itself. Acupuncture and herbs augment your natural healing ability, so you can get better.

Maybe you’ve never had acupuncture before, and are wondering what to expect…